Total Joinery Supplies Offers Melbourne Cabinet Maker Services

Total Joinery Supplies Offers Melbourne Cabinet Maker Services

04-1Thomastown, Australia – Feb. 4, 2016 – Kitchens Melbourne are a focal point in the home, but far too many structures don’t include enough storage space to accommodate all the uses to which a kitchen is placed. Total Joinery Supplies has earned a reputation for creating unique solutions for kitchen cabinets that reflect the owner’s style and personality, while providing secure storage.

“There’s a wide range of options for today’s customer that didn’t exist even 10 years ago,” said Total Joinery Supplies manager, Laz Fogas. “There’s no need to make-do when it comes to storage space, particularly in the kitchen.”

Kitchens are more than just the location where meals are prepared. They provide a place where children can complete homework, where friends gather, and major decisions are made. Total Joinery Supplies creates cabinets that provide convenient storage and contain clutter for an aesthetically pleasing room in which to spend time.

As registered building practitioners the company has a reputation for quality products, craftsmanship, and the company’s products and services are guaranteed for seven years. Customers can choose from a wide variety of styles for their home ranging from sleek and sophisticated European styles to vintage looks.

The company’s specialty units maximize space and make use of unusual spaces where nothing else seems to fit. Those creations can include suspended units, places to park small kitchen appliances and bottle racks. Clients can choose from ready-to-assemble models, stock or semi-custom units, along with fully customisable creations for any number of applications.

Individuals can select from doors that are recessed or flush, with protruding handles or those with hidden recesses. When space is in short supply, frameless cabinets, also known as European cabinets, provide an elegant solution. Sliding and folding doors are offered for pantries and similar spaces. Glass is an option for those who prefer a lighter sense in the kitchen and raised panels are a decorative opportunity.

Total Joinery Supplies is a respected name in cabinetry making, offering free, no obligation quotes, quality workmanship and innovative solutions for any home, office or commercial project. From new construction projects to updates and renovations, the company has design ideas for kitchen cabinets that are functional and visually pleasing.

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Lachie Anderson Landscapes is Skilled in all Facets of Design and Construction

LALD_Carlton-hero-shotMelbourne, Australia – Feb. 5, 2016 – Lachie Anderson Landscapes provides landscape design services for home and offices that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, and match the surrounding architecture. The firm offers design, construction and maintenance services for a wide variety of styles ranging from contemporary and modern to traditional and classic.

“We work closely with clients to handle all aspects of design, construction and installation,” said Lachie Anderson.

The company is well-known for its clever use of timber decks, paving and retaining walls, along with pools and water features that work to cool hot outdoor environments. The professionals at Lachie Anderson Landscapes are knowledgeable about soils, plants, prevailing weather conditions, and irrigation needs throughout Melbourne and the surrounding areas, allowing the experts to create customised landscapes.

As an expert in construction, the company is able to provide lighting, ponds and pergolas, paving options and improve drainage for multiple needs. The company approaches each project with a holistic philosophy that includes restorations, repair of existing landscapes, and options tailored to the environment, always with an eye to clients’ lifestyle and usage.

Landscapes, gardens and even small green spaces are an integral element in any surroundings, providing value and beauty. The company’s landscapes in business venues promote better productivity and offer an oasis of calm in residential areas that are soothing and relaxing.

The affinity between humans and water is well documented and Lachie Anderson utilizes a multitude of design elements to incorporate ponds, pools, water walls and waterfalls of all dimensions. They can be coupled with statuary, specialised plantings, walkways and pergolas to arrive at the desired effect.

Modern landscapes aren’t limited to wide open spaces, nor are they reserved for flowers, trees and bushes. Lachie Anderson Landscapes has utilized innovative design and construction techniques to bring nature indoors. An increasing interest in natural and healthy foods has resulted in the company’s garden designs that feature highly productive vegetable and herb gardens.

Lachie Anderson Landscapes offers a full array of services for landscapes of all sizes and scopes for residential, business and commercial spaces. The company is experienced in all aspects of landscape, garden and construction elements, allowing the firm to incorporate multiple types of plants, water features, and structures for entertaining and relaxation.

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About Lachie Anderson Landscapes

Lachie Anderson Landscapes is a design and construction service catering to all tastes. The firm offers a variety of services that include construction, paving and lighting, brickwork, irrigation and drainage, electrical work, ponds, plantings and pergolas, along with feature walls and garden maintenance.